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Providing Full Range Of Transportation Worldwide.

Reliable Logistic & Transport Solutions Saves Your Time!

Double up your time by using our smart transport solutions. Trust us with your goods and find it to your destination on time with all the legal certifications. Join hands with us to take off your worries for the goods to be delivered.
Our logical and practical solutions are here to serve you anytime with our express and same day delivery.Ideas which are innovative and dynamic will fit the needs of the customer along with the globally changing environment.


By avoiding unnecessary fuel consumption and making the supply chain process flow with excellence is the key aspect and our quality speaks through it.We truly work hard to excel in it.


Reliability makes us grow more with our valuable customers.We guarantee that your quality product will be delivered on time and you can totally rely on us.

Customers are our greatest assets. Our growth as a top brand is because of them!

Global Logistics Partner To World’s Famous Brands For Over 10 Years!

Transparent Pricing

Fast, Efficient Delivery

Warehouse Storage



Standard delivery is regular shipping. We book your orders and deliver it through surface mode. It is cost effective and you can track your orders anytime and ensure smooth delivery of your product.You will receive a delivery message of your order. Our team makes sure it reaches you on time.


Express delivery is customised deliveries and having strict deadlines.If a parcel/goods needs to be delivered next day or even overnight, you need not worry. We are here for your emergency delivery. Your goods are sent through air transport ensuring delivery on or before the exact time.


We have same day delivery option too. This is for our customers who want a gift/parcel to be sent to the destination on the same day. As it needs to be delivered on the same day, we choose the mode of transport based on the place to be delivered. You can track your order and will also receive a detailed message of the order.

Choose Challenge Xpress, Make Move Easy.

Individually Assess Each Plan And Offer Optimal Solutions!

We take a moment to thank all the people who work with all their effort to make moving cargo easy and setting Industry Benchmarks.Along with providing optimal customised solutions , we also explain our alternate ideas to clients incase of unpredictable situations during transport/shipment. We truly believe that being open with our methods will help us build strong relationships with clients.

Affordable Price, Certified Forwarders

Safe & Reliable Industry Solutions!

Why Choose Us Challenge Xpress

Challenge Xpress learns with every challenge and grows more with it. We are licensed with all certifications.Delivery on time, safety measures, no damage reach are our keys we work upon and strive to achieve it.

Workmanship Quality

Our Workmanship adapts to modern online platforms through our skilled trainers. In this way both quality and quantity increases and helps in the growth of business.

Qualified Expert

Our professionals are quality experts developing effective solutions for your valuable goods to be carefully dispatched.cies.

Special Offer

We like to stand out unique through our service. We offer our clients special deals often. Get your shipment pre-booked using our website and get special discounts.

Flexible Schedule

We have flexible schedules that profits both our employees and our customers.This way makes us available for our customers every time.

Affordable Package

Our Packages will always be affordable and at great deals. If you are in search of Less cost and high-quality services , you can always rely on us with your goods.

Quality Professionals

Our Professionals come up with their new-technology solutions to match your expectations.You can make confident move with us for your cargo shipment.

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Our Partners

We are proud to work with some of Asia’s largest companies building long-lasting reliable relationships.Their valuable goods becomes our responsibility and safe shipment of it makes business grow in quality and quantity in terms of new client relationships.


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